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William C. Nygren Chair in Investments  

Professor of Finance

Wisconsin School of Business 


Contact information:

5274A Grainger Hall 

53706 Madison, WI 


e-mail: bjorn dot eraker at  wisc dot edu 


Curriculum Vitae




Market Maker Inventory, Bid-Ask Spreads, and the Computation of Option Implied Risk Measures” 2022. With Daniela Osterrieder. Journal of Financial Econometrics, forthcoming

" The Price of Higher Order Catastrophe Insurance: The Case of VIX Options," 2021. With Aoxiang Yang. Journal of Finance, forthcoming.

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Working Papers:

"Predictability Puzzles," 2021

"Dynamic Present Values and the Intertemporal CAPM." With Wenyu Wang. These slides contain additional empirical results.





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